GFA Financial Group was founded in 2006 to provide a full range of financial planning services to those  who seek assistance in reaching their financial goals. We place a strong emphasis on service and follow a life planning approach, to help you develop goals that are meaningful and attainable without sacrificing the quality of your life today.

GFA Financial Group chose to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the preeminent independent broker/dealers in the United States. The alliance with Commonwealth ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals, as well as access to a broad selection of the highest quality insurance and annuity products. It also helps the company best serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support.

Whether your needs are only in the area wealth accumulation and asset management, or you require guidance and assistance in other aspects of financial planning, GFA Financial Group can help you get started on the road to financial independence.

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